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Light Shade: In-camera | Scott Bennett | 1993 | Developed B&W photographic print paper on foam core mounts on plywood panel | 25 x (8″ x 10″) | Collection of the artist

This is a colour photograph of the twenty-five B&W (8″ x 10″) prints which form the work.

Immaculate conception was a plywood panel coated in white ceiling paint with a light bulb and light shade attached and wired. It was a recreation of the bathroom ceiling in the flat I was living in at the time. This series grew out of A gentle prayer for the east.

This work was taken into a darkroom. Photographic print paper was laid on it’s surface and exposed directly to the light.

The “photographs” are taken without a lens or camera. Light and shadow produced by the bulb and the filigree pattern of the shade form images.

This is an ongoing series that includes digital files and other photographic methods.

Dove image detail

B&W photo paper on mount board
(8″ x 10″)
Collection of the artist.

In-camera (Latin:“in a chamber”) is a legal term that means privately in judge’s chambers. 

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