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Warra |Wangarratta | Victoria | Australia
Balustrade | Scott Bennett | 2018 | Acrylic on linen | 24″x30″ | Private collection

Click here to view a zoomable image of the painting.

Balustrade, from the Greek ‘balaustion’, the flower of the wild pomegranate (Balustine flower, Punica granatum), of which baluster and balustrade pillars, imitate the shape of the calyx.

“In the haunted house of life, art is the only stair that doesn’t creak”.
Tom Robbins

“All rising to great places is by a winding stair”. – Gautama Buddha

“I falter where I firmly trod, And falling with my weight of cares Upon the great world’s altar-stairs. That slope thro’ darkness up to God, I stretch lame hands of faith, and grope, And gather dust and chaff, and call To what I feel is Lord of all, And faintly trust the larger hope”.
Alfred Lord Tennyson

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