Remember |Scott Bennett|1981|Acrylic on paper on board|Collection of Ma Bendall

Pa and Ma Bendall

The late Ben “Pa” and Marjorie “Ma” Bendall are well known local surfing legends. The couple were among the first surfers to ride waves in Caloundra in the late 1950s, earning fame in Australia and Hawaii after taking up board-riding aged 50 and 51.

Pa died in 1973 and Ma in 2001, aged 91. The annual Pa and Ma Bendall Memorial surfing contest is held in their honour.

The documentary Making waves by Michael Berry was made about their lives. The film includes interviews with Joel Parkinson, Ian Cairns, Phyllis O’Donnel and Bob McTavish, and rare vision of the first days of surfing in 1960s Queensland. 

I understand that Ma Bendall purchased my painting from Gallery Beta in 1981. 

Ma Bendall
Ma Bendall
Pa Bendall
Pa Bendall

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