Just after midnight all the warring elements seemed to align. The wind dropped, the clouds started to clear, the moonlight, the fog and even the bridge spotlight, yielded to Aurora’s mighty light.

Mighty Light

Macquarie River / Tinamirakuna | Ross |Tasmania | Australia

Aurora’s Mighty Light
Scott Bennett
9/9/2017, (12:10 a.m. AEST)
Digital photograph
Nikon D750, 50 mm f/1.8, 5.0 sec @ f/4.5, ISO 1600

Aurora Australis Tasmania – Original post

Ninth of the Ninth 2017

A monster X9.3 solar flare ripped off the solar surface on the 6th of September. The eruption took place while in an earth-facing position, so the incoming (CME) Coronal Mass Ejection had earth-directed components which produced significant geomagnetic storming on the 8-9th of September.

Unfortunately the moon was full and Tasmanian was being blasted by one of the coldest low pressure systems of the year! So we had cold, wind and cloud to contend with along with bright moonlight and an unpredictable Aurora! We set up shortly after sunset and stayed out till 3AM, moving to different locations throughout the night.

Lake curtain

Later that night we saw lovely curtain structures from Verwood Road (1:53 a.m.)

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