Morning Gold |Scott Bennett|c1980|Acrylic on paper on board|Private collection.

This is a good example of my work through the high school years in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Our lives revolved around surfing. I had previously only ever attempted detailed drawings,* usually of birds and animals, my paintings to date where impressionist at best (to put it kindly).

After seeing an article about photorealistic painting in a surfing magazine, I was caught up by the idea and it became an obsession. While trying to paint as realistically as possible I learnt all my technical skill (With a paint brush).

It is hard to explain to someone who has not attempted photorealistic representation, the joy or rapture experienced when doing this type of painting there is a kind of “Participation Mystique” involved.

I am aware that photorealistic painting may be unoriginal. However, they can be deeply rewarding to make, the process is wonderful if you love your subject and I loved waves and everything to do with surfing. I enjoy looking at photorealistic works when they are done well, but there is the rub!

This painting is based on a poster in a surfing magazine.

*I was a gifted drawer from a very early age.

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