Flying Colours

Emotion blur: Flying Colours III | Scott Bennett | 2013 | Digital image | Collection the artist

This colourful ‘barcode-like’ image was derived from a photograph of the clouds over the midlands.

The colours reminded me of the colourful blur of vibrant parrots I’d often seen against the bleeched background of the landscape. I was unaware of the endangered Orange Bellied Parrot and was surprised by how strongly the banded digital image reminded me of the coloration of native parrots. I wondered if there was a scientific explanation for the connection between the pattern I’d derived from the sky and the disruptive camouflage of  parrots.

Flying Colours in display

Emotion blur: Flying Colours III
Scott Bennett
Archival rag print in wall mounted acrylic sleeve
595mm x 465mm x 30mm

Orange-bellied Parrot

Orange-bellied Parrot (Neophema chrysogaster)

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