E Pluribus Unum

Ross | Tasmania | Australia

Ross Skying: E Pluribus Unum | Scott Bennett | 2013 | Acrylic on paper | 420 x 297 mm | Private collection

E Pluribus Unum (One out of many)

Ross Skying consisted of studies on paper that were digitised, the images printed on backlight film and exhibited in commercial LED light boxes.

“An ordinary object [is] elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist. – Marcel Duchamp”

E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum
Scott Bennett
Archival print on backlight film in acrylic LED lightbox
532 x 410 x 80 mm
Private collection

“When each person loves the other as much as himself, it makes one out of many (unum fiat ex Pluribus)” – Cicero, De Officiis

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